Zombo Buster Rising (Android & iOS) – Game Walkthrough – All 30 Levels & Boss Fight

Zombo Buster Rising (Android & iOS) – Game Walkthrough – All 30 Levels & Boss Fight Game Apps Free Download

Download Zombo Buster Rising (Android & iOS) – Game Walkthrough – All 30 Levels & Boss Fight

Zombo Buster Rising (Android & iOS) – Game Walkthrough – All 30 Levels & Boss Fight Free

The city is now infested by zombies because of an unknown virus. And they are now heading straight to your base. Protect your base in this tower-defense style mobile game called Zombo Buster Rising. Go to each level and start shooting all the zombies that will appear on the screen. If any of the zombies get inside your base, you will lose health. Finish the level perfectly to gain diamonds and lots of gold coins. You can use the diamonds to unlock new abilities for your characters. And you can use the gold to purchase weapons and status upgrades for your survivors.

Android – http://goo.gl/Ju3Iqv
iOS – http://goo.gl/SSZct4


Zombo Buster Rising is a new tower defense type zombie shooter where you’ll be tasked to protect your base from the onslaught of zombies, those vile flesh eating creatures that seems to have developed an insatiable appetite for brains. It features 30 enemy infested levels that you need to survive, all of them filled with a multitude of attacking zombies that have they very own attributes and behavior, they also attack in waves and are seemingly endless when it comes to number, and if you’re not very accurate with your shots, they will certainly reach the entrance to the underground shelters and kill all the survivors therein, failing to protect the shelter will end the game and you’ll have to start the level again. Indeed, it won’t be easy battling the multitude of zombies in the game. Luckily, there are a number of heroes that can be unlocked to help you in your fight against the zombies, it has a vast array of powerful weapons that can be bought at the shops and those cool upgrades that will make your weapons and character to be more effective against the zombie threat, there are also some game changing powerups that can be unlocked, each one of these powerups can dish out maximum damage and can kill multiple zombies at once. And if you use them wisely, you just might make it out alive and save the survivors here in Zombo Buster Rising.

Graphic and Sounds

Zambo Buster Rising has some very nice cartoon styled graphics, the designs are kinda cute…literally, the characters here are really small, they look cool though and have some unique diverse looks starting from the heroes to the zombies that you will be battling. The game environment is also pretty, and although it only features one location, it still looked nice as details are kinda cool, it features a nice foreground and a pretty backdrop. The colors are also great, it generally looks quite sharp and vivid giving the game a fresh and clean look. The movements and animations are also great by the way, the movements are very smooth and the animations are quite diverse, each one of the different type of zombie you will be facing off has its very own movements. Music is great and exciting while sound effect is also cool. SFX looks very nice too, not too fabulous really but still looked great. Overall, it really looks kinda pretty for a browser game, it has cute designs and really pretty presentation.


The game comes in two game modes for you to play, the story or campaign mode features 30 challenging levels and the survival mode where you can slug it out with the enemies until you drop or your battery runs out…whichever comes first. There are quite a number of characters, weapons and upgrades for you to unlock at the shop, they cost lots of gold coins though, better collect all those rewards and keep on killing those zombies if you want to unlock the cooler weapons and characters. Controlling the character is very simple and easy too, all you need is taps to play through the end.


Zombo Buster Rising has some very cute and colorful graphics and designs, there are 30 levels available that you have to complete, a vast collection of weapons and upgrades, a number of heroes to unlock and 20 types of zombies to engage in battle. It also features some boss fights to test your shooting skills.


Very nice and game, and kinda pretty too, but it is not really very easy. Accuracy is the key to the game, otherwise, you will be overwhelmed.