Zombies Defense vs Wizards (by Candy Sweet Studios)

Download Zombies Defense vs Wizards (by Candy Sweet Studios) for Android


Zombies Defense vs Wizards – Shoot down zombies and plant tsunamis in this tower defense game with cool physics and a multitude of levels! Battle for the zombies next to the wizard to win against zombie games and zombies free games on the market! Zombies are stupid, but be the first to annihilate them! Defend your city plant from zombies and earn the apocalyptic city back! Run the roadkill with the zombies and start your zombie war! This is a typical zombie shooting game for all who like to have fun with zombie smash with your fingers and complete all zombie missions free games! Protect the city from apocalypse against monsters that want to destroy human race Apocalypse Zombie is here to defend your city and become a zombie killer!

How to play:
– Each level contains several waves of undead creatures!
– You need to move your finger to the weapon, and a sniper or soldier of magic will be sent away and defend against undead creatures!
– Wizard soldiers will protect you and destroy the zombies, and you will receive new coins!
– Every wave will be harder and harder, so get ready!
– Defeat all monsters and become the No. 1 zombie shooter!

– Over 100+ bloody zombie levels!
– Collect weapons and upgrade your troops to defeat the stupid zombies!
– Zombies have to write their diary once they start playing!
– Collect coins after each kill to buy more weapons in the game!
– Special insanity skills of the insanity of the undead, such as rockets or ice freezing!
– new type of defense game in zombie shooting games free area!
Classic Zombie shooter with a new twist!
– Play against the undead undead monsters and win the battle with the zombies!
– Ultra zombie survival game graphics for fun!
– Protect your city before the dead zombies reach their target, otherwise they will cause death in the city!
– Point the dead and defend your loved ones from those night creatures!
– Going to the dead is afraid of the sun and is more vulnerable to missiles in the day, so try to eliminate the dead using the button!
– Build zombies and earn bonuses in every level!
– Start the roadkill full of zombies and eliminate all!
Enjoy this zombie game and throw it all on the battlefield!
– Dumb Zombies will try to fool you and take control of the fortress, become a Zombie Killer and destroy them all!
– Smash the zombies in your spare time and enjoy the zombie survival games!
“Get into your dead with your best armor and machines to save all your citizens!”
– Dash all the zombies on your way with some electrical powerups!
– Who ate my friends? Because zombies are everywhere and they should eat my friends!
– The wizards were horrified by the zombies, so they created an alliance of wizards and started a road career and made a living to die!
– The zombie war began in the Middle Ages when the virus spread in the sphere and the zombie attack began, and now it is the zombie world!
– Protect yourself from the zombie tsunami and clear the zombie way!

Download now Zombies Defense vs Wizards and take advantage of this epic battlefield and help people defeat the undead army!