Zombies and Guns (by Mini Games INL)

Download Zombies and Guns (by Mini Games INL) for Android


★ ★ ★ NEW CONTENT ★ ★ ★

★ 5 new Types of Zombies
★ Addictive Levels
★ New Guns

★ 9 Different Guns
★ 3 Upgrades for Each Guns
★ Challenging Zombie Boss Fights
★ 40 Achievements and Ranks
★ Various Types of Zombies
★ Local Heroes to Hire
★ Various Boosts to Help You
★ Wild West Desert Country Environments
★ Night, Day and Underground Missions
★ Mix of Simple Arcade and Action (find, protect, destroy)

A free zombies shooter game from the Wild West! No bullet can miss! A zombie infection attacked your town! You can stop the infection massacre only when you shoot all the stupid undead biters to the hell! An Indian legend says than only The One can defeat the death! Are you the hero? Grab your guns and protect good people from Desert Town from the hordes of lifeless beaters and walkers in this shooter, hero! They will help you defeat the evil! No zombie allowed in this country. Upgrade your guns, hire some help and equip yourself and start bulleting to survive on various missions in the infested Wild West desert. Gain ranks to be stronger in fight against bad zombies! Become one of the heroes who defeated the death. You will be the living legend of good, hunter!
Guns ready? Play the action game Zombies and Guns now for free!
Eternal glory or eternal suffering?!

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