Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Survivor Part 2 (by JOYNOWSTUDIO)

Download Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Survivor Part 2 (by JOYNOWSTUDIO) for Android


Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Survivor is a FREE zombie shooting game, featured with action and strategy gameplay.

In YEAR 2037, a pandemic of plague virus infection wiped out most of world animals and citizens. The world turns into an anarchy DEAD ZONE by plague virus pandemic and survivors’ lives threated with anarchy apocalypse! The places you liked to hang out are now full of undead walking zombies and persons you known mostly disappear. Blood and green deadly venom. Dangers and threats lie everywhere. How will you survive in this Zombie game?

Where do those persons and animals go? Think about where do these walking dead zombies come from? Is there a possibility that zombies used to be dead persons? Maybe that is the reason why zombies keep emerging from world corners and looks never ends. One hint: keep searching and find other survivors in this pandemic Zombie game!

– Walking dead zombies and undead animals have no feelings
– Walking dead zombies have sharp teeth and undead animals have deadly claw
– Walking dead zombies and undead animals both eat flesh and brain of living people
– Walking dead zombies prefers different organs tastes: some zombies are fund of hearts, some likes brains, some zombies are desperate for lungs, but all drink flesh blood
– Undead zombies differs in all ways: movement, damage, defense and attack types

Imagine this: some zombies walk slowly, some zombies run fast and some zombies can just crawl and part of zombies can even climb up and down trees. They are hungry and thirsty! They are all desperate for your organs and walking towards you slowly…

Keep you defense up and improve your strength by using multiple specialized weapons and arm yourself with various armors! Unlock powerful guns when you rank up! Always upgrade your weapons and equipment! A precise headshot can save you at the right time at the pandemic zombie games.

– WEAPONS include shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade, rocket launchers, flamethrowers
– Different guns have different models: DESSERT EAGLE, AK47, P90, M134, SMAW-D83mm and etc, – Guns’ attributes differs in damage, defense, healthy point, fire rate and clip size.
– ARMORS include shoes, pants, helmets, armors, gloves and so on.

– Kill and shoot walking dead zombies and rescue citizens
– Unkilled walking dead zombies cover world corners.
– Maps specifically covers different locations: Misty Frost, Highway, Lab, Secret Garden, Power Station and so on.
– Survivor, you also need to explore hidden places and shoot zombies there

– Complete quests and win generous rewards
– Kill the most zombies with guns and survive the zombie games
– Shoot, fight and kill zombies and prevent from assaults of zombies
– Quests requires zombie shooting skills, shoot zombies with you gun
– Connect to Facebook and play with you friends in the zombie shooting games
– Compete with world players and be the top zombie shooter

– Customized sound and music effects for zombie games
– Shoot dead zombies and kill zombies
– Story Mode and Survival Mode is alive, PVP Mode is coming soon

– Stay calm and practice shooting zombies more
– Claim daily rewards and win mission rewards
– Use powerful weapons to shoot zombies

Shoot zombies and protect yourself from zombies pandemic! To live, to kill! Can you survive the pandemic zombie games? Show zombies your shooting talents! Download now to start shooting in this zombie game.