Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter Android

Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter Android

Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter by Tag Action Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter

Kill hordes of zombies & fight for your life in this thrilling FPS Shooting game

Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter is an action filled zombie shooting & survival FPS first person shooter game set in a spooky 3D environment. With plenty of levels & missions to complete & a lot of modern weapons & guns to choose from, you will be killing waves of zombie hordes in this action gun shooting game for hours in order to save your city & the few remaining survivors. Survive & save the fellow survivors in a hope of building a new world, be the hero world needs. Shoot down any zombie you see & survive as it is a war for survival!

A nuclear war erupted between various countries resulting in extensive use of nuclear weapons. Everything was destroyed in this war, it was an apocalypse. No country or frontier was left. No army or hero to fight anymore wars. Secuela of the nuclear war was total destruction. Very few survived this tragic war & fortunately you are one of the survivors. Reactions caused & gasses produced by the nuclear weapons gave birth to a virus that turned all the dead & living exposed to it into human eating dead but living spooky creatures. This was the origin of zombies in your world. Creatures that were hungry to eat the few remaining survivors. Virus that turned the dead into a living creature hungry for humans. A virus that could undead the dead. With no frontier, military, army, frontline or any sort of security force there was no one to stop or control the zombies. They moved in hordes eating & killing any human they find which resulted in turning those humans into zombies eventually increasing their own kind, the dead who were living.

It was an apocalypse & there was nothing left. No hero, army or military force left to launch an assault on zombies or take care of the frontline. No one to create a frontier to stop the zombies & saved the few remaining survivors. That’s when you decided to use your shooting skills & launch an assault on the zombies in order to save the survivors of this apocalypse like a true hero. You only mission now is to survive & win this war against the dead. For you it’s the survival of the fittest. It’s either you or the zombies. You have no other option. It’s time to face the consequences of the nuclear war.

So lock & load your modern weapons & super guns & target the zombies. You were known for your shooting skill before all this happened & it’s about time you put those shooting skills to good use. Shoot through waves of zombies in this free action filled game to prove that you are the best shooter alive. Destroy waves of zombies in plenty of different missions set in spooky 3D environment using various modern super weapons & modern guns. Target the zombies & pull the trigger to win this war of survival. You are a one man army. Pick up your modern super weapons & modern guns, set up a frontier & launch an assault on zombies to save your city & the survivor. Be at the frontline to shoot the waves of zombie hordes approaching to turn you into one of them. Pull the trigger on the right time & do not miss even a single target otherwise be ready to face the consequence!

Features of Zombie Hunter Survival Shooter:
– Plenty of shooting action filled levels
– Kill waves of zombie hordes to survive
– Different weapons & guns to choose from
– Spooky & immersive 3D environment
– Addictive & challenging gameplay
– Top-notch sound effects

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