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Armed with your high tech guns, survive the alien invasion gone wrong. See if you can be humanity’s last hope in this 3D shooting and survival called Xenowerk. Your mission is to search each area and eliminate all the aliens lurking. The objects in the area can be destroyed as well and you can gain items or inflict explosion to nearby. As you get to the higher levels, you will face more powerful aliens. Be sure to unlock new guns and use them skillfully or else you might get knocked out. Activate special power ups too in case you get stuck in a corner full of aliens.

Android – https://goo.gl/eZg36b
iOS – https://goo.gl/anxeZx


Xenowerk is the result of a bad experiment, and as a consequence diabolical mutations took place and produced a variety of mutant infestations that you need to clean up, now it’s time for you to do some cleansing, the game is an action packed top down shooter that has you battling a multitude of enemies across the levels, it takes place in an underground laboratory, you’ll need to explore the location, getting deeper and deeper, killing everything that you encounter until you get to the bottom, there are 70 challenging levels you need to cleanse, each one featuring a number of mutants for you to kill, there are also a ton of weaponry and armor that you can use, they range from assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, gattling guns and many more, each weapon also comes with its own cool upgrade making it stronger and more powerful against the enemies that you will be encountering, your character also has several special abilities that you can use where one or more can be activated at the same time and can help you out when the going gets tough, you’ll be armed to the teeth so to speak, don’t be too confident though as the enemies you will be encountering will become more powerful as you move up a level, and if you don’t have the more powerful weapons and armor, your character will be killed very quickly, so lock and load and get ready to slug it out here in Xenowerk.

Graphics and Sound

It features some stunning graphics, the character designs are great and quite diverse, and I’m not just talking about the playable character here, even the mutants have cool designs, they look grotesque and utterly despicable, the environments are nice, and although it only features one location…the underground science lab, the different levels in the game feature different designs, you’ll see a lot of futuristic things within them, the colors are great, the game is generally quite dark but you’ll see some nice vibrant colors throughout especially when you shine your flashlight around, the animation is also cool, the movement of the different characters in the game are pretty fluid and smooth, music and sound is great especially the sound effects, weapon fire sounds a bit bombastic making the game quite exciting to play, the special effects are also quite stunning by the way, all the weapons and special abilities give off pretty visuals when used, overall, the game is really very pretty…an eye candy if you may.


It features a top down shooting action where you will be battling mutants level after level, there are tons of weapons and armor for you to choose from, and special abilities too, you’ll also be battling different types of enemies here, each one of them having their own attributes, the battles are going to be explosive indeed and you’re going to do all the shooting, controls are simple and easy, it comes with a dual stick where you control the character movement with the left stick and aim and shoot with the right one, it’s that simple for everyone to enjoy.


Xenowerk features some cool graphic designs and stunning presentations, there are 70 action packed levels for you to play, tons of weapons and armor, several special abilities and a multitude of mutants for you to kill, it also features dual stick controls for more fun in playing.


I enjoyed the battles a lot, there are so many of them mutants down there, if you’re not being careful, your character will be overwhelmed very quickly, check it out.

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