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Staying true to Figure-8 racing, X Racing Extreme features breathtaking races like Drift Battles, Knockouts, Elimination Races, School-bus Survival, Asphalt Racing and Demolition Derby.
Figure 8 Race – Race against 9 worthy opponents on an 8-shaped track and prove your mettle. Crash, brake, overtake, whatever you want to do, do it!
Drift Battle – All 9 opponents start the race in the opposite direction of yours. Drift against them, dodge the hits and become the Ultimate Drift King!
School Bus Race – The race only gets bigger with this mode. Race against giants in this astonishing destruction mode! Battle against 9 other school buses and prove your worth.
Survival Match – There is a monster bus on the way to knock you out of the race. Avoid its power hits and finish the laps quickly. Keep an eye on the damage meter while you do so.
Knockdown Match – Knock your opponents, topple them in style and finish the race without damaging your car.
Elimination Race – A racer is eliminated every 20 seconds. Step on the gas and stay on the grind to stay alive. The last man standing wins the race.
Real-time physics gives you complete control over your car while adaptive AI gives you a realistic driving experience. Repair, customize, tune and upgrade your cars for maximum awesomeness!
– 6 crazy race types
– 6 tournaments
– 14 unique custom-made cars
– 8 crazy tracks
– An incredible Figure-8 racing experience
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