WWII Herzogun Android

WWII Herzogun Android

WWII Herzogun by Nerlaska Studio . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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During Second World War the Axis factions investigated and invented many secret weapons. Unbelievable weapons made for spread chaos and the most secret was the one named HERZOGUN. Its destruction power was unmatched and the Allies could not let them have weapons like that at WWII.

World Ward 2 has started. The world is against one of the most dangerous threat. HERZOGUN WWII puts you in the situation of one commander in this dispute.
Your country needs you and has entrusted you to win this battle.

You can choose between different Ally sides (USA, United Kingdom, France) or the Axis ones (Germany, Japan or Italy). Choose your side and engage enemy
Fame and Glory await you!

Prepare the best strategy, make the best tactics, upgrade your schools and academys for getting better troops and special weapons. Prepare your powerups to beat a simple touch of your finger

Deploy your units, give your orders and guide them in savage battles distributed in different campaigns. Put on your best strategy. Your finger will define the history in WWII Herzogun!

There are different game modes: fighting versus AI or fighting versus your friends in online battles.

– Tactic and strategic action game
-Prepare your units and focus on the battle
– Play campaings or play against your friends
-Deploy your troops, guide them and lead the combat
– Improve your shcools and academies for getting better units and special weapons.
– Use PowerUps for decide the final win on the battlefield.

There is a new field of war. WWII Herzogun is here
Sun Tzu was an amateur, and you know.
WWII Herzogun is the definitive Art of war.
The WW2 is coming. Are you ready?

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