Word Calm

This is a free to play word game, connect the right letters to make the correct word, clear each level to win awesome coins and rewards, to help you to clear even more levels. This is the best fun and word learning game you can ask for!

The game will attract you deeply as soon as you start playing. Word Calm can help you get past the boring time, all while sharpening your mind and learning new words. The best pick for an educational experience and have fun at the same time.

~Tons of words to expand your vocabulary!
~Amazing graphics to give you the best visual experience!
~Challenge your brain and vocabulary, it is extremely difficult!
~No time limit, so no need to rush!
~Multiple coins and items will assist you in clearing levels!

How to play?
Connect the letters and build the correct word until everything is filled out.

If you have any suggestion or advice feel free to contact us, we hope Word Calm can give you the best gaming experience everyday.

Download Word Calm for free

Free downloadWord Calm : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordgame.cross.android.en