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Wheely 8: Aliens – All Levels Walkthrough for Free

He’s been everywhere and he will continue solving puzzles as he drives. Wheely 8 is a simple yet challenging puzzle and physics game that features point-and-click elements. The story is about Wheely the red car along with his pink car girlfriend having a nice camping. Alien cars have crashed in their spot and they want Wheely to fix their spaceship. Now you will embark on a journey to help these alien cars. Interact with the objects around the area and solve challenge to reach the red flag. There are also hidden items in each level and you should find them to get a perfect record.

Wheely 8 is a fun little interactive game where you need to help Wheely reunite with his girlfriend, The game offers 12 fun filled and challenging levels for you to complete before finally reuniting him with his girlfriend, it won’t be easy and it will be quite a challenge but it will be fun. The are a lot of obstacles in the game for you to overcome, puzzles to solve and even objects that you need to interact with, and if you do it right, you’ll beat the level for sure. You will have to press buttons, pull levers and many more to get the job done. The game also features some hidden objects for you to find, and if you have a keen eye and were able to find them all, you’ll receive 3 stars at the end of the level, but if you fail to get Wheely to the red flag located on the other side of the screen, you’ll have to restart the level all over again. Will you help guide Wheely reunite with his girlfriend?, Will you able to do it in time and even find all the hidden objects in the game?, Check it out and see for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very simple, it is in 2D but really very pretty, the character designs are cute, the main character looks quite cute and cuddly with his big round eyes, details are nice, although not very high. The environments too are great, each one of the 12 levels featured have varying designs and varying locations, ranging from forests, lumber mills and many more, you’ll see a variety of lush vegetation and landscape in the backgrounds and different mechanical contraptions on the foregrounds. The colors are certainly very pretty, they are bright and sharp making the game even more beautiful. Movements and animations are also very simple and nice, and although the animated parts are very simple, everything looks smooth enough making it really so much fun to play. The music is great, it sounds lively and lighthearted and seems to suit this type of game just fine while the sound effects are pretty simple, nothing complex really. The special effects used here are also very simple, quite basic even but that doesn’t stop the game from looking pretty and nice. Overall, the game looks really cute, this would be very attractive especially to the younger players out there.


The game is interactive, and as such, you only need to click on the different objects that you find in the environments to clear a safe path for our little hero, you got to click the different objects in succession though to be able to get the job done. And if you were able to find those hidden objects in the levels, you’ll recieve 3 stars at the end. Playing the game is also very easy, all you need to use is the mouse to click on the different objects that you find in the levels.


Wheely 8 has some very cute and simple graphic designs, there are 12 levels that you have to go through, there are a lot of interactive objects to help you finish your tasks, some hidden object to find and it has simple controls to make it more fun for everyone especially the younger players out there.


This is a very nice game for children, it is very easy to play and you only need the mouse to play it. The levels are quite short too and not frustrating at all, check it out, you’ll like this one for sure.