Warship Battle: 3D World War II Game (Android & iOS)

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Warship Battle: 3D World War II Game (Android & iOS) Free

Joycity Corp. presents to you the action-packed mobile game called Warship Battle: 3D World War II, where you get to re-enact the historic battles in the sea. Prepare your warship and start the missions on the sea. You will be given different missions that you must finish flawlessly; reach certain destinations destroy structures, eliminate ships and more. You will be given some money when you finish the mission. Visit the shop and unlock historical vessels like the USS Arizona, HMS Bulldog, and even the famous Japanese warship Yamato. Enter the workshop and customize your warship with different parts and weapons.

Android – https://goo.gl/J2hDNL
iOS – https://goo.gl/G31QDb


Warship Battle 3D World War II is an action packed naval warfare where you get to control huge battleships to engage the enemies in the high seas, you will be taking on missions based on World War II battles and other historic naval confrontations, how you win these battles is all up to you, you will take command of real battleships like the HMS Bulldog and the USS Arizona among others, you can even fit them with different parts and powerful weaponry to help you defeat the enemies and sink them in the deep blue sea, but don’t get too confident though as the enemy ships are just as fast and just as powerful, and if your maneuvering skills aren’t at par with the enemy AI, you’ll get blown to pieces pretty quickly, it’s going to be an intense battle indeed, one where only the best commander will live to tell about it, so come on and join the battle, take command of your battleship, dominate the battlefields and reign supreme in the high seas, sink every ship in the war zone and impose you will on your enemies here in Warship Battle 3D World War 2.

Graphics and Sound

Warship Battle 3D World War 2 has beautiful 3D graphics, the ship models used in the game are very realistic and are based on authentic World War II battleships, not just the playable ships but everything else that you see in the game, environments are nice, not much to see really as you will be battling in the high seas, and there’s water everywhere, the water looks nice though, and the backdrops too, colors are great by the way, the game looks vivid and sharp all throughout, animations are also smooth and fluid, movements here are really nice, music and sounds are great, the soundtrack is quite engaging and the battle sounds are varied and quite explosive, special effects are great too, the visuals are flashy, weapon fire and explosions have stunning visual effects, especially at the heat of the battle and every ship is simultaneously firing their weapons, overall, the game looks quite stunning graphically, a feast for players who prefer pretty visuals.


Warship Battle 3D World War 2 is quite action packed, the missions could get lengthy depending on your navigation skills and targeting accuracy, after every mission you finish, you will be rewarded with points to determine your ranking, cash to buy better ships, and gold for repairs and special improvements, missions are quite varied here some are escort missions and some are seek and destroy, but whatever the mission is, you’ll be engaging all sorts of enemies like battlecruisers, frigates, submarines and many more…it’s not going to be a walk in the park really, controls are quite complex to the average player, you will be using a combination of touch controls and tilt controls, it takes quite an effort to learn to navigate the ships properly…and you’ll most certainly die a lot learning to steer the ship.


Warship Battle 3D World War 2 features beautiful 3D graphics, the game features authentic World War II battleships and war scenario’s, you will be participating in a fast paced naval encounters and battles, you will also be commanding different ship classes, and the game uses tilt and touch controls.


Warship Battle 3D World War 2 is quite fun to play, but it really takes a lot of time and effort to learn the controls, I wish the developers had simplified the controls for everyone to enjoy…the game is fun as it is but it could have been more fun if controls were better and easier to learn for everyone.


Download Warship Battle: 3D World War II Game (Android & iOS)

Free Warship Battle: 3D World War II Game (Android & iOS)