Warrior Stickman Fighter 3D (by Logix Tech)

Download Warrior Stickman Fighter 3D (by Logix Tech) for Android


If you are looking for the ultimate fighting action: Stickman Warrior 3D Fighting game is the best stickman fighting game of the year 2017, which is totally free on the game shop. Stickman game is about two rivals fighting. This is a quick reflex game.

Stick animations in the game make it look like a real stickman doing epic battles in the streets of town. Stickman fight is not just limited to street fighting, fighters fight where they see it. This may be in front of the hospital, school or roof of the building.

The Stickman Warrior uses special moves and functions while fighting another, such as a one-finger strike. Career mode is a kind of stickman fighting league. This is a combination of stick walk series. In order to complete the career mode, the player must have extreme fighting skills so that he can defeat the heat of all other warriors opponents.

Stickman Warrior 3D Fight makes you feel like a true stickman warrior. As a stickman create game allows you to select your opponent to play a single match. In competition can meet each other in 3 rounds. The winner of the highest level wins the game.

Stickman Fighting also has a combat training mode, included in the game. To gain mastery in martial arts, it is advisable to play the training mode initially.

Here are the features embedded in the game:
1. Amazing fighting environments
2. Sound effects
3. Rapid rivals and extreme good controls
4. Realistic game physics.