Wargate Heroes – Android/iOS

Wargate Heroes – Android/iOS

Wargate: Heroes is a new breed of competitive gameplay where player-controlled Heroes clash in exciting 2v2 matches that combine elements from multi-player strategy games, MOBAs, and tower defense gameplay.

In Wargate: Heroes, the player defends their wargate from an invading parallel universe. To accomplish this task, they wield the power of legendary Heroes, build a mighty Guardian army, and unleash Battle Cards to dominate their opponents. The team that fails to push back the invading army loses the battle, surrendering their world to the enemy. Cripple their defenses to let your forces through and take control of the Wargate!

Completely Free-to-Play
– 2 vs 2 Team Matches
– While each player must defend their lane, only with a combined team effort will they fend off the opposing team’s attack while setting up an offensive of their own.
– Teleport to an enemy’s lane and send your Hero and Battle Cards to attack and overwhelm your opponent’s defenses or to help your ally in battle.

– Heroes: Player Controlled Unit
– Each Hero has a role and a set of skills that will play a critical part in the player’s strategy, as no two Heroes are alike.
– Using intuitive controls, direct your Heroes’ actions to outplay your opponent and control the pace of the match.
– Upgrade your Guardians into legendary warriors to hold off the enemy team’s onslaught, while you attempt to dismantle their defenses with your Hero and Battle Cards.

– Use Battle Cards to summon combat units and powerful spells to your opponent’s lane or use them as extra defense on your own lane.
– Tactics-based combat: develop a Guardian defense that’s perfect for early, middle or late game strategies, while using your Hero to lead your battalion to victory.

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Genre(s) : Strategy
Subcategories: MOBA
Require internet connection: Yes (Online)
Size: 249 MB (Apk+Data Download)
Date Released: 2018-06-22
Platforms: Android/iOS
Developed By: TheGameWallStudios
Languages: English,
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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