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WarCorps: Genesis Game (Android & iOS) Free

Each team will fight for the life of the planet, but only one can rule at the end of this war. Join them in an action-packed battle here in WarCorps: Genesis – a fast-paced 3D shooting mobile game brought to you Triniti Interactive Ltd. What you must do here is to choose a character and start your missions on the map. Each mission has a game mode you must follow in order to win. Some of these missions are eliminating enemy robots or carrying the cargo to safety. You will earn some gold coins that you can use to buy new guns inside the shop.

Android – https://goo.gl/es9YZX
iOS – https://goo.gl/JIzg0m


WarCom: Genesis is an action packed shooting game that has you playing as an elite member of WarCorps, the story goes that the world is running out of resources very quickly, and the situation has plunged the world into chaos and wars, it has ravaged the world and destroyed everything, but soon enough, 3 powerful factions arose from the ashes, they are the Fatwa, the Rad, and the WarCorps, this is where you come in, you will take on the role of WarCorps’ newest recruit, you will take on dangerous missions and battle the bad guys in different war fronts, the game features 60 challenging story missions for you to complete battling a variety of enemy units wielding different weaponry, fortunately, so are you, you can choose to play any of the 4 different characters available for you to play and use a variety of weapons and armor in your arsenal, but it won’t be easy though as there are 4 battlefields you need to conquer and the enemies are controlled by a very intelligent game AI, and if you’re not being careful, the enemies will eliminate you very quickly, so come and check out the game and see if you have the skills to become an elite member of the WarCorps here in WarCom: Genesis.

Graphics and Sound

WarCom: Genesis features some gorgeous graphics, the game’s character designs are pretty, quite cartoony actually but still pretty as they have very nice details and each one of the playable characters have unique and distinct looks, the environments in the game are also very nice, each one of the 4 battlefields featured in the game have very nice designs and cool structures, the colors are also great, they are generally vibrant as you will experience when you play the game, it really looks crisp and sharp all throughout, the movements are also very smooth here, the character movements and the weapon fire have such smooth animations making the game looking great and pretty exciting to play, the game’s music is also cool, quite engaging really while the game’s sound effects are bombastic, you’ll here a lot of them weapon fire and lots of explosions all throughout , special effects look great, the special visuals used in the game are quite flashy, spectacular even as the weapon fire and explosions really look pretty, overall, the game’s really got some serious graphics, the designs are really pretty no matter how you look at it.


WarCom: Genesis is an intense action packed shooting game, and as such, you will be engaging the enemies all throughout the game, the 60 missions have a variety of tasks for you to complete, they only fall under 3 categories though, they are eliminating targets, survival and retrieval, the levels are quite short too and can be finished quickly depending on how good you are, headshots are very important when you play the game, you can eliminate the enemies faster this way, controls are fairly simple too and easy to use, there’s a virtual thumbstick on the left to control the movement of the characters and the action buttons are on the right.


WarCom: Genesis features very beautiful graphics and designs, there are of 60 challenging levels that you need to complete, 4 characters to choose from, lots of enemies for you to fight and the game uses very simple and easy to use controls to make it more fun for everyone.


WarCom: Genesis is quite fun and pretty challenging too, better be accurate when shooting the enemies, they tend to swarm you when you miss too many shots, try it guys, this is fun.


Download WarCorps: Genesis Game (Android & iOS)

Free WarCorps: Genesis Game (Android & iOS)