War of Gods : DESTINED Android

War of Gods : DESTINED Android

War of Gods:DESTINED by HONGKONG HRG Information Technology Co.,Limited . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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In a story depicting the epic battles among gods and demons, War of Gods: DESTINED brings you a 3D real-time RPG game with in-depth strategic gameplay. With improved control system, it entertains you with OVER A THOUSAND OF UNITS conflicting in your mobile device!

Heroes and gods across mythology in major cultures, good or evil, are introduced to assist you in your glorious adventure. Thor and his lightening, Zeus and his omnipotence, Athena and her power….all can be your aides when you are crushing the enemy. The vast 3D land unfolds gradually when the story takes you to the Norse capital of Roskilde, to the grand Greek Garden, and all the way to the Pyramid of Egypt.

War of Gods: DESTINED exhibits delicate graphics and innovative gameplay in an alternated history. Hundreds of respectful gods and legendary heroes commands well-equipped human cavalry, infantry and archers into incredible encounters.

Collect as many cards and skills as you need, arrange your formation wisely and fight for the final victory side by side with you allies. Never will you feel lonely for players around the globe will join you in real-time PVP battles.

– A wide card collection of over 200 mythical figures
– Real-time PvP using over a thousand units
– Perfect combination of RPG, SLG and Simulation gameplay
– Touching storyline and fascinating landscape

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