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This one guy named Benjamin invented a machine that can fly. Unfortunately, these kids ended on a mysterious island with no trace of Benjamin. Vulture Island is a retro style mobile game with a nice mix of adventure and platform elements. What you must do here is control your character and locate the exit. The next area will be opened automatically. Avoid the creatures on the platforms or you will lose health. There are also traps that can hurt your character. Destroy the vases so you can obtain hearts that will add health. Collect items and try to solve various puzzles in the island.

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Vulture Island features a retro styled platform adventure game with elements of puzzle. The story goes that Benjamin has just made a flying machine, during the flying machine’s maiden voyage, Benjamin together with his close friends Paul, Alex and Stella crash landed on an island, they ended up in different locations, with nothing in hand except their clothes and their determination to find their friends, they set out to rescue each other. This is where you come in and where the adventure begins, you need to simultaneously control the three friends and search for Benjamin, there are different locations available for you to explore, Paul has you exploring a village and a pirate ship, Stella ended up in a cavern with intricately branching caves and Alex landed on a forest with a lot of talking trees. The game also features a lot of NPCs for you to interact with, they will give you clues and information on how to go about your little adventure, there are also a lot of special items that you can find and help you solve the puzzles you will encounter. The adventure’s going to be exciting and mind boggling, and it’s going to be fun. Are you up for a little adventure to save Benjamin?, Do you have what it takes to to solve the mind boggling puzzles the game will throw at you?, Check it out and find out for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and designs used are retro styled and quite pretty, the design of the characters are also quite varied starting from our little heroes to the NPCs that you’ll meet and the baddies you will encounter. And although the character presentations are quite small and not really very high when it comes to details, they still managed to look really cute. The game environments are also quite pretty, the various location featured have different designs and all are presented in a retro styled pixel arts. The colors used are also great, there is much variety and everything simply looks sharp and vivid all throughout. Movements and animations are cool too, the movements look quite simple but really nice and the movement of the characters are responsive to the controls. The music seems very nice, it is in chip tunes which is quite typical with this type of game, the sounds are also cool, it may be simple but it sounded varied enough to make it fun to play. SFX is simple too, nothing really breathtaking but everything still looked pretty. Overall, it looks really pretty in its own right, nothing splendid or gorgeous but if you’re into retro games, you’re going to like this one for sure.


The game is an adventure type platformer, you will be in control of three characters here, each one of them will go through their very own adventure in 3 different locations, there are special items that you can use to help you out in your quests, weapons to battle the baddies and their bosses and a lot of NPCs to interact with during the course of the game. It also uses easy controls for more fun.


Vulture Island has a very simple retro styled graphics, it features a platform based adventure for you to complete, there are 3 playable characters and a lot of NPCs, there are special items and weapons for you to use against the enemies, there are a lot of mind boggling puzzles and boss battles, it also features easy controls for you to use.


Great game, I never seem to get tired of this type of games, very simple and non complex to maximize the fun.