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Viking Quest – Wild Norse Game (Android) Free

Hordes of monsters and other legions of the undead have stepped into your homeland to wreak havoc and mayhem. It’s time for you to join the battle and stop them in this run and jump mobile game called Viking Quest: Wild Norse. What you must do here is move your character on the field and chop or slash all the monsters that will come your way. The game features other characters that you can unlock. Aside from the characters, you get to upgrade them and give them different weapons from your adventures. Complete loads of missions too that will give you rewards when you finish them.

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Viking Quest – Wild Norse Game is a fun and challenging endless runner with elements of combat, you need to take control of a character and then run amok on the enemy territory, killing everything in your path, it will be challenging but it will be fun, there are different types of characters available for you to use in the game, they range from barbarian, berserker, huntsman, warmonger, ragnar, valkyrie and many more, each one of these characters have they very own distinct looks, weaponry and skills, you can even collect a variety of weapons, upgrades, armor and many more…and if that still ain’t enough, check out those cool powerups available for you in the game, indeed, you’re going to have fun slashing and hacking the enemies…be careful though as there are a lot of enemies that you will encounter in your runs, and if you don’t kill them first, they’ll kill your character for sure, besides the enemies that litter your path, there are also various obstacles that you need to consider, you need to evade them accurately so as not to harm your runner, are you up to this little nordic challenge and eliminate all the enemies in your path?, play the game and see just how far you can go in the land of the vikings.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics designs are great, the character designs are quite accurate as they were able to depict the nordic warriors quite accurately, their looks also vary from one type of warrior to another, the details are quite high too, you can easily see small details on the characters, not just the playable characters but the enemies as well, environments are also cool, you’ll see a lot of nordic inspired structures with varying designs once you start your run, the game has very nice foregrounds and cool backdrops, colors are also quite cool, there are a lot of different colors in the game, they were aptly used to giving the game a nice crisp and clean look all throughout, the movements and animations are also nice, character movement is quite brisk and responsive while the animation of all moving parts and non playable characters such as the enemies are generally smooth and really nice, music is great too, it is nordic inspired while sound effect is also cool, varied and resonates throughout the game once you start playing, special effects are awesome, weapon effects and powerups look really flashy when used during gameplay, overall, everything looks splendid, the game has nice designs and really cool presentations.


The game uses the 3 lane system just like in subway surfers, and as such you only need to switch lanes to evade incoming obstacles, there are enemies though and you need to use your weapons accurately so you can kill the baddies before they can kill you, powerups abound in the game, use them wisely so your character gains the upper hand during your runs, and if you get tired of playing by yourself, you can always go online to challenge your friends all over the world.


Viking Quest – Wild Norse Game features some very cool graphic, the designs are quite awesome and varied, there are different types of characters that you can use, lots of weapons and armor and a lot of powerups to use when the going gets tough, it also has simple and easy to use controls for maximum fun.


The game is fun and just like every other endless runner out there, there’s nothing new here really but it doesn’t stop the game from being fun, check it out if you’re into endless runners, you’ll love this one for sure.


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