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Start looking down and you will surely lose your balance as well as your racing career. Vertigo Racing is a fancy 3D mobile game with some nice features. You will be competing on a race but everything should be done up-top. And when you say it like that, it means your race tracks will be mountains, valleys, and most places where your classic car can fall off. This game also features upgrades where you can tune up your classic car to make it faster. And be sure you don’t bump the other cars or the walls because you might get some damage.

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Vertigo Racing features a fun and challenging racing game where you get to race vintage or classic cars atop hills and mountains and become the premiere champion of hilltop racing of all time, you’ll drive through beautiful landscape without destroying your gorgeous 50s car. The game features a total of 10 classic cars for you to drive, each one of them can be customized to meet your need and preferences, there are pain jobs available for your car inside and out, you can also upgrade its speed to make it run faster, acceleration rate for a faster start, damage buffer to make it sturdier, and even its fuel capacity so it can travel farther, it will be fun but it won’t be easy as there are a lot of obstacles on the road that you will encounter, like those humps and bumps on the road, those steep cliffs, sharp turns and many more. Indeed, it;s going to take a lot of driving skills on your part just to survive those rough and tumble tracks, and if you don’t drive carefully, you’ll fall off the cliffs for sure. Are your driving skills good enough to become the champion of hilltop racing?, It’s time to play the game and find out.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look quite stunning, especially on the car designs, it is like being transported in time to the 1950s where cars are big and curvy, the car designs look truly awesome, if you like vintage cars, you’ll have a feast with this one. The details are also great, the car’s small details can be seen clearly, The game environments look awesome too, there are different locations in the game that will surely leave you in awe, you’ll see rolling hills, cool landscape and even lush vegetation as you drive through them, don’t stare at the beautiful sight for too long though, you’ll certainly crash your car if you’re going to do so. The colors are great, they look fresh and vivid giving the game a nice clean look, everything really looks sharp and vivid throughout. The color blending also looks pretty, making the game even more beautiful and a sight to behold. Movements and animations are also great, the animated parts have very nice fluid movements while game controls are very responsive, truly optimized for mobile devices if I may say so. The game music is also pretty cool while the sounds are quite realistic. SFX also looks great overall, and certainly adds up to the beauty of the game. Overall, you’ll love the classic look and feel of the game, it’s like travelling back in time through your mobile devices.


This is quite a challenging endless racing game and quite fun at that, you’ll be given a car at the start of the game and unlock more cars from there on, you can earn coins by driving for as far as you can, and then you can spend those coins for later upgrades to improve your rides performance, if you have enough, there are also some cosmetic paint jobs to make your car look prettier. Controls are also fun and easy, very responsive and really optimized for mobile devices.


Vertigo Racing has some very pretty and detailed graphics and designs, there are 10 beautiful cars available for you to acquire, lots of upgrades to make your car perform better and some cosmetic paint jobs to make it more beautiful.


Great game, it’s your typical endless racing game but this one is truly fun, if you’re into endless racing games, this one’s for you.