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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Game (Android & iOS) Free

Look back into history and see how war ruins the lives and how heroes are born. Play the part of different characters here Valiant Hearts: The Great War. What you must do in this graphic novel style game is to interact with the surroundings while controlling your character. You will follow the story how the first world war began. The game also features articles and info from history itself. As you get farther into the story of the first war that shattered the world, you will experience how your character becomes a prisoner as well. You will get to play other characters too and look behind their story.

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Valiant Hearts The Great War is a fun and immersive adventure game with elements of role playing and puzzle, the game features a playable graphic novel set in World War 1, it tells the story of 4 unsung heroes and their endeavors during the World War 1, you’ll explore authentic locations, you’ll relive past historical wars and participate in the battles that took place in the western front, there are 4 fictional characters that you can use to play the game, they are Emile, the french farmer who became a POW, Karl, a German who lives in France and got recalled back home to fight the war, the vengeful Freddie who lost his beloved wife during a German bombing run, and Anna, the Belgian nurse who attends to the wounded whether it be enemy or friend, and then there’s Walt the dog, very reliable and can help in solving puzzles, indeed, war is horrifying, and you’re going to experience it all within the confines of your mobile devices, so come on and join this epic adventure across enemy lines, immerse yourself in the gripping storyline the game has to offer and be touched by the heroics of the unsung heroes of the war here in Valiant Hearts The Great War.

Graphics and Sound

The artworks are certainly very pretty, it is quite unique and sets it apart from the rest, the graphics in the game looks like the illustrations on old novels, it is presented in 2D and in a cartoony manner, details are very nice too, the very high but still very nice, the character designs are also unique, each one of them have their own distinct looks that fits their personalities and behavior, the environments in the game are also very nice, and although they were presented in a cartoony manner, it kinda absorbs you in it, the colors are nice, a bit dull really but quite okay as it depicts the World War 1 era, movements are animations are nice overall, the movements of the characters are generally smooth and the animations in the game doesn’t look repetitive and rather nice, music is great too, and kinda adds up to the intensity of the game making it even more absorbing and immersive while the sound effects are also varied and really nice, special effects are cool too, and certainly added up to the beauty of the game, overall, the game looks really great with its unique look and distinct artworks.


The game is fun, it involves exploration and a bit of puzzle solving, there will be different tasks for you to complete and you’ll need to do it with the 4 playable characters and the dog Walt, you get the chance to immerse yourself in the gripping storyline and look at pains and sufferings of war through their hearts and eyes, the controls in the game are also easy and intuitive, it is optimized for mobile devices so to speak, very easy for everyone to use and play.


Valiant Hearts The Great War features some cool and original artworks that has some classic look and appeal, there are 4 characters that you can use, not to mention the trusty old dog Walt, there are a lot of authentic locations to explore and a lot of historical facts and battles to relive, the game also has easy to use controls for everyone to use.


The gameplay was fun and all but it is actually the immersive story that caught my heart, this is one of the games you really can’t pass up, you just got to try it out.


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