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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Game (Android & iOS) Free

It’s no longer a show where you just watch what will happen to his adventure. This time, you get to control your character and survive the challenges here in Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. You will follow and continue of Nathan Drake’s adventure of discovering treasures hidden by dangerous thieves and feared pirates in history. The objective here is to reach the treasure on the platform safely. Move your character on the platforms and activate panels that will give you new paths. Be sure to avoid the traps as well in each level. Unlock chests obtain valuable loots that can help you in your adventures.

Android – https://goo.gl/8nHaeN
iOS – https://goo.gl/FmyXsA


Uncharted: Fortune Hunter™ is a fun and challenging action adventure game with elements of puzzle, you will play the game as Nathan Drake, and adventurer and a treasure hunter and you’ll go on an epic quest to uncover the lost treasures of the past that belongs to pirates, adventurers and even notorious thieves, it is going to be hard and challenging, but it’s going to be one hell of an adventure, there are a total of 200 grid like chambers you need to go through, each one of them uniquely designed to give you a nice challenge that will make your mind tick, you’ll encounter a lot of obstacles and traps that are dangerous to your character, levers, switches and other constructs you need to overcome, and even enemies that you need to eliminate, be careful though as you can not move freely here, your character only moves from a block to an adjacent block or blocks, not to mention the number of moves you can do is quite limited, and if your character has used up all the available moves before completing the task, you’ll have to do it all over again, it’s going to be tough indeed, but you just wouldn’t stop until you get the job done, come on, play the game and join the adventure here in Uncharted: Fortune Hunter™.
Graphics and Sound
The game features stunning graphics, it crisp and sharp and presented in a top down isometric view, the character designs used in the game were great, they have high details, even the character shadows look very accurate, this game is really very pretty, environments are also great, each one of the 200 chambers offered in the game look quite distinct from each other, and although the levels are all grid like, the grids do come in different designs, color and even materials, colors are cool, everything is sharp and quite cool to the eyes, really nice to look at, the movement and animations on the other hand are smooth and although there are no free movements, it still looked kinda fluid and smooth all throughout, the game soundtrack is also pretty cool, it sounds intense and quite absorbing and definitely ups the hype when you play the game, sound effects are also awesome, it is varied as all the movable objects in the game has a certain sound associated with it, special visuals are also great, explosions and weapon fire are great all throughout, overall, the game is simply stunning, it has some cool designs and cool presentations.


The game is quite challenging, getting the treasure is not really that easy as one false move could trigger a trap or activate a switch that could get you farther away from the target, but there some things that you can get to help you out, just make sure to keep collecting those keys, gold and other loot so your companion Sully can trade them for something that you could use, controlling the game is quite simple and easy, you only need to tap, slide or poke the screen to play the game through.


Uncharted: Fortune Hunter™ features a total of 200 chambers for you to explore and survive, there are a lot of treasures, gold, and loot to collect and it features simple to learn controls to maximize the fun for all to enjoy.


This is really quite challenging but really fun at the same time, it is very rewarding too, especially when you get to have the cooler items, play the game if you have not yet done it, you’ll love this one for sure.


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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Game (Android & iOS) Android

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Game (Android & iOS) iOS