Type II: Hardcore 3D FPS with TD elements

Take control of an automated defense systems protecting planets 40 light years away from Earth. Type II refers to Type II civilization on a Kardashev scale.

> Lay out your strategy at the beginning of each enemy wave
> Deploy defensive towers
> Dive into the rail mounted MK-614t, the most destructive turret ever built by mankind
> Protect the objective by all means!

> Uncommon mix of genres – First-Person Shooter with Tower Defense Strategy elements
> 3 worlds filled with unique, handcrafted levels
> Multiple weapons with alternate fire modes, each suited for specific scenarios
> Multiple automated defense towers to aid you in the heat of battle
> Various enemy types requiring various tactic approaches
> Epic BOSS battles
> Amazing 3D graphics
> 60+ FPS ready (120 FPS on 120 Hz displays)!
> Comfortable single joystick controls
> Controller support + controls remapping
> Rating system based on mission specific optional challenges raising the difficulty
> Achievements (Google Play login required)
> Cloud synchronization (Google Play login required)
> Beefy options and graphics settings

PAY ONCE, PLAY FREELY! There are no NO IAPs and NO ADS in the game.

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Download Type II: Hardcore 3D FPS with TD elements for free

Free downloadType II: Hardcore 3D FPS with TD elements : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scorchgamestudio.type2