Trash Dove Wars Android

Trash Dove Wars Android

Trash Dove Wars by Mrs.Goldie . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Trash Dove, has become the viral meme of the internet. Play with the most famous violet dove to destroy waves of tanks. That enemies want to kill you!

Tap tap over any tank to launch your sharp beak like a knife and explode them into a thousand pieces, burning to over 1000 degrees. Or slide your finger over them to make combos and turn several at once, this will improve your score and drop some life, corns and bolts to help you increase your record. Better than a spinner simulator.

Rotate the neck of this sweet purple bird from one side of the stage to the other as you eliminate your enemies to survive. Get enough lightning to fill the bar of the special attack and launch a powerful laser through the eyes that will clear the screen of enemies.

Get corn to improve your pigeon’s attributtes and make it increasingly powerful: getting up life or making more special attacks. And competes in a world ranking for the best score.

Share with your friends your games to see that you are the best playing and have them forget for a while the Bottle Flip Challenge with this wonderful action game full of missiles, bazookas, tanks and explosions.

Change the location of the stage to play in different parts of the world. They are currently available: asian forest, the wheat fields of the Rednecks, and a great desert.

Share the results with your friends and challenge yourself to be the best and get all achievements.

A cute and funny giant bird that gives pecks.

This is Mrs.Goldie’s first game, we hope your ratings and your reviews and if you have fun with our videogame we will update new scenarios and also new titles.

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