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Meet the latest game in the TD: Tower Defenders series, a unique combination of the Tower Defense Toy War and Collectible Card Game genres with more than 2 million players around the globe!

Enter a mysterious land stricken by a war and now thriving with powerful artifacts and immense treasures guarded by furious Enemy. Build up your defenses and brace for the assault!

Maybe you have played other tower defense or combat defense, but now you get to play this Defense: Real battles game. You’ll love Combat Defense takes classic other defense or TD game to a little new lands!
You have to consist of modern soliders, gunners, rockets, canons… and other amazing things. Fight to protect your lands and freedom! Fight in mountains, grassland, deserts and jungles TD.

* 03 lands with 90 level and more in future updates for TD Tower defense toy war.
* 03 difficulty levels.
* Vehicles from G.B, the USA, the USSR and more….
* Beautiful graphics and effects.
* Good sounds and background music.
* Many Enemy style.
* ….

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