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Tower Blockade is a simple tower defense game. Your mission is to defend the Square and keep the Circle from invading! Place different towers to defense circle’s attack. And where you place your towers will affect the Circle’s line of attack. It is not only a simple defense game, but also need your smart to defend your base camp.

【Simple art style but not so simple to defense】
The enemies are coming! Prepare your tower army to keep the Circle from invading! But don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of the enemy. You never know how powerful they are.

【New creative gameplay】
3 identical towers combine to form 1 tower of a higher level!
Different color towers have different skills, when you are in a battle, how do you arrange your tower army to win? …….All is up to you!

【Various levels are waiting for you to experience】
Dozens of different levels, give you constant surprise and excitement!
But remember to watch your back, enemies are at everywhere!

【Endless mode brings you more challenge】
Join endless mode to challenge more! Which you will find the most varied levels and battle layout!

【Challenge friends to see who is best】
Achievement Leader board help you challenge limits and striving for excellence!
Friend Leader board bring you a change to challenge other players from all over the world!

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