TOO LONG Android

TOO LONG Android

TOO LONG by NEOWIZ . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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TOO LONG is a new snake-style io game that is easily playable for FREE.
Get your spaceship, TOO LONG’s tail long and grow big by eating figures placed throughout the game.
Just simply slither away obstacles in the universe and let your spaceship’s tail get longer!
How easy and fun it is! Start Now! You won’t be able to stop playing it lol

just Long it! TOO LONG

◎ How to play
* It’s very easy, simple, and fun!
* Don’t go so fast! Obstacles are everywhere.
Slither away diverse obstacles throughout the game or TOO LONG’s tail will get shorten
* TOO LONG’s tail gets longer and grows bigger when it eats figures
* Figure-shape obstacles will become active to be fed when TOO LONG gets longer & bigger
* Touch and drag pad to move your spaceship TOO LONG
* Length of tail counts as game score
* Every spaceship has different skills

◎ Features
* Easy to control, easy to play, and easy to clear stages for all ages.
* Over 150 stages are for free and more to come up!
* NO WIFI, NO WORRY. Always playable in OFFLINE MODE.
* Cute and stunning graphics

TOO LONG is simple but fun and easy game to play!
Get your tail long and escape the universe.
Download for FREE right now!!
Let’s see your tail! TOO LONG

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@ NEOWIZ All rights reserved.

Size : 50 MB

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