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Tons of Guns Game (Android & iOS) Free

A group of powerful thugs stole your collection of guns and you will surely pay them a visit to get it back. Tons of Guns is an first person shooting mobile game with a nice comic story in it. You will go to each level and eliminate the bad guys in the area. Be sure to shoot them quickly because they will shoot back at you. You will receive new types of guns as you win on each level. These guns may look cool but you will still need to upgrade them. Use your earnings to enhance your rifles, pistols, and machine guns to eliminate bosses in the city.

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Tons Of Guns is an action packed first person shooter where you get to slug it out with the bad guys with all guns blazing, in a city where shooting is everywhere, the guy with the biggest, most powerful gun is king, it’s going to be a shootout alright and it’s going to be bloody, there are a variety of enemies you’ll be facing off, armed with all sorts of weaponry and only one target…you!, not to worry gunslinger as there are a lot of cool and insane weapons available for you to use against the bad guys, like revolvers, shotguns, assault rifles and many more, each one of these cool and powerful weapons also comes with their own upgrades, you can actually upgrade an assault rifle to fire shotgun shells, revolvers that fire rapidly or convert them into double barrels and many more, indeed, the action is going to be intense and insane, and the best weapon to use are the insane ones, so lock and load, put your game face on and get ready to slug it out with the bad guys in the city, kill the enemies, earn money and buy bigger guns, do you have the guts to do it?, it’s time for you to find out.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics look pretty, you’ll be playing in the first person view mode, the character designs are nice, they are quite detailed and features diverse looks, you’ll be seeing different enemies in the game, the gun models are cool too, not really very realistic but they still looked kinda awesome…especially when they get tweaked or upgraded, the environments too are quite nice, there are different locations available for you to play around and each one of them feature different structures that are also quite detailed, colors are great, they make the game quite vivid and really sharp, the animations on the other hand are also fairly smooth, the game’s moving parts like the enemy characters have very nice animations, kinda simple but really smooth, the game soundtrack sounded cool too, it is pretty intense and certainly makes the game exciting to play, sound effects are very explosive, all the weapons have their very own distinct sound effect that gets better as they are upgraded, special effects on the other hand are also cool, weapon fire, explosions, blood and gore, they all looked just fine and pretty, overall, the game looked great, it has awesome character designs and cool presentations.


As mentioned earlier, the game is a first person shooter, you’ll be fighting a lot of enemies here, get rewarded with cash for the kills you make and buy more guns, perhaps even upgrade your existing one, you’ll be battling all sorts of enemies too, there are the normal thugs and bad guys and then there are the bosses, really mean and ugly and really tough to kill, and if you’re not well equipped, you’ll be killed in no time, so aim accurately and give ’em everything you got.


Tons Of Guns features some beautiful graphics, there are different location available for you to slug it out with the enemies, a lot of insane and sick weapons for you to use, lots of upgrades and lots of enemies to kill including some mean bad ass ugly bosses that are really a tough nut to crack.


This one’s fun, I enjoyed the shootout in the game, especially the bad ass bosses, they are really quite tough to defeat, it will really help a lot if you got the more powerful weapons in the game with their cool upgrades.


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