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TinyLegends – Crazy Knight Game (Android & iOS) Free

Monster are trying to rise up and destroy the lands. Choose your heroes to defeat them all in this very challenging role playing themed mobile game called Tiny Legends: Crazy Knight. Your mission here is to go inside the dungeon and venture from floor to floor. As you go deeper in the dungeon, the enemies will become more powerful. Just bump on any enemy on each floor and the battler will automatically begin. Don’t forget to collect your loots from the enemies and equip them to your heroes. The game also features more heroes to hire and you can manage their skills before you start your adventure again.

Android – https://goo.gl/WOJVFu
iOS – https://goo.gl/bFbKMZ


TinyLegends – Crazy Knight is a fun and exciting arcade type action packed game where you will be facing off hordes of evil creatures across the kingdom, the story goes that the kingdom of Kromdor has befallen from the Evernight, where the ancient evil slumbering deep below the earth awakens and wreaks havoc all throughout the lands, this is where your adventure will begin, you will take on the role of Vallen, a valiant warrior, ans it will e your duty to protect the kingdom and its people from the evil forces that are threatening to ravage the lands, it is going to be a noble quest as you will be saving the whole kingdom and it will be a battle splashed with blood…monster blood that is, you’ll be battling different kinds of monsters and evil creatures here, like zombies, wolves, minotaurs, even vampire bats and killer rabbits, battling the enemies earns you experience points to level up your character and gold so you can buy newer and cooler weapons that you can use in your quests, it’s going to be one hell of a battle indeed, so come and check out the game and see if you have what it takes to rid the land of the dreaded Evernight and save the kingdom of Kromdor here in TinyLegends – Crazy Knight.

Graphics and Sound

TinyLegends – Crazy Knight has very nice graphics, the character designs presented in the game are kinda cute with their big heads and small bodies, they are totally cartoony, details are nice though, not really very high but still nice, the environments are also quite nice, designs seem a bit varied from one location to another making it quite nice to look at, the colors that were used in the game were great, there are a lot of bursting colors in the game that are truly vivid and bright, the movements are also quite smooth, the movements of the character and the enemies are fluid even when there are too many characters battling at once, the game’s music and sound effects are cool too, the soundtrack is awesome and sounds engaging while the sound effects are quite varied and exciting making the game really intense when the battle starts, special effects are also kinda flashy here, the weapon fire and the special visuals really look stunning, overall, the cool designs and the awesome presentations made this game really looking great.


TinyLegends – Crazy Knight is your typical hack and slash game and as such, you will be fighting a lot of enemies here, it is a button masher so to speak, this is quite easy though, and assuming your upgrades are at par with the current level, you won’t have a problem here, there are a variety of enemies here but fighting the different monsters pretty much feel the same as they aren’t very tactical, and they don’t really have special abilities for you to consider, controls are simple and easy by the way, there is a joystick on the left to control movement and there are action buttons on the right for attacking the enemies, very simple and easy to use indeed.


TinyLegends – Crazy Knight features some beautiful graphics, the characters are small and have their own distinct cartoony looks, there are a variety of locations you can explore and a variety of enemies to fight, the game also has very simple controls to make it more fun for everyone to play.


TinyLegends – Crazy Knight is quite fun, I like button mashers, they are not very complicated to play, I enjoyed this one a lot, try it, this is fun.


Download TinyLegends – Crazy Knight Game (Android & iOS)

Free TinyLegends – Crazy Knight Game (Android & iOS)