Timeless Android

Timeless Android

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The ancient Egyptians hid their treasures well and many of their secrets were lost forever, until one day a new site of one of the lost cities of ancient Egypt is discovered. The greatest and best kept by this civilization, the capsule of time hidden under the time of Akhenaten, which the Romans attempted to seize in 32 BC.

Transpórtate to another time with Timeless and tries to return to your time, it prevents that the Romans take possession of the capsule of the time.

You can take objects and interact with them or mix them with other objects.
Talk to the people of the area and help them with the missions that they charge you (you have 4 languages ​​to choose from in the Inventory – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian)

Search in every corner to see if there is anything of value or that can serve you in the adventure.

Avoid being detected, use the seguilo (crouching) to go unnoticed. Make an arch that will serve to finish with the Romans that prevent you from advancing. It prevents that the fallen enemies are detected by other Romans or in your case will attack you.

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