Tiger agent frontline commando fps shooting game 2 (by MegaVision Games)

Download Tiger agent frontline commando fps shooting game 2 (by MegaVision Games) for Android


You are the best Tiger agent frontline commando sniper hunting warrior of your commando army, you are given some duties in sniper hunting games to destroy your counter enemy’s terrorist forces in several countries of the world.Tiger agent frontline commando is equipped with great modern fully automatic sniper rifles, guns, short gun and bazookas unique in crisis action.Your gangster enemy is also really well equipped with even airforce and tank support.There is a fierce firepower to fight, strike& sniper shoot waiting for you.You will be awarded for your success in the gunner battle city war if you destroy enemy forces with crazy shot including infantries tanks and helicopters. With these elite awards, you may buy guns air supports health guards and much more to be hunter & shooter.So you can defend yourself and your country with monetary support in frontier assassin battle.So you can take gold & buy mercenary airforces to strike in terrorist attack games We know that air force support is a great plus for your success at frontline hero shooting war.In this eventful game, Tiger agent frontline commando will be under firepower of tanks, infantries (Gunmen) and helicopters. Tiger agent frontline commando is the hope in free shooting game of your people in this counter game of gunner’s battlefield area! You used to be a secret spy woman intelligence agent, serving your country in all possible ways by performing various special ops spy intelligence missions all over the world.Working in every major city like Vegas & Miami, doing wonders, quickly moving up the ranks gaining the image of a hero.But there were people jealous of your progress & the wonders you did as a woman spy secret intelligence agent. They framed you & got you imprisoned for a crime you had no idea about.The only mission you have now is to break out of this strange gloomy prison full of rats, snakes, robbers, murderers & various different criminals.You need to escape the prison & breakout at all cost to regain your freedom & prove yourself innocent.Only by doing so you will be able to regain your status as a hero & your job as a woman secret spy intelligence agent. Plan your escape in such a grand way that it’ll be remembered as a legend. You have performed a lot of special ops secret missions for your country but your primary mission now is to break out of the high-security Alcatraz like a prison.You need to escape the prison in order to get your freedom & to help your government & military army defeat the enemy & reclaim their land.Use the acquired guns & weapons to your advantage & kill whoever tries to stop you from escaping. Make a strategy & plan your grand runaway to fly back home as you are a celebrated special agent & a hero who has a lot of secret information.Move stealthily as stealth is the key to survival in this mission.Fight with all you’ve got engage in gun shooting & combat the enemy with guns use melee weapons or engage in hand to hand combat do whatever it takes to get your freedom.Combat with courage and use your brain to win this survival battle! It’s a chance for you to not only be free but also be a true war hero by helping your military army & government defeat the enemy military army & special forces in order to reclaim their land.Tiger agent frontline commando is to by successfully escaping the prison & helping your special forces win this war you will not only be a true war hero but also a hero for every commando soldier of your country & each city of it.Devise a strategy to execute your flush plan, escape plan.Enemy army military & special forces waged a war against your country taking over every major city. They took a lot of war prisoners from every city & unfortunately you are one of them. The enemy has no idea that you are a secret special agent & a spy. You hold a lot of vital information which can prove to be deadly for you if the enemy military army or anyone from the special force finds out that you are a secret special agent.