Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Force Android

Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Force Android

Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Force by Deepsea Studio . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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The hottest squad battler of 2017 is here! Create your own warrior and take to the battlefield for real-time combat with your hero accomplices. Dominate the lands of ancient China with blood and steel!

Intense, innovative action! Become a powerful commander on campaign!

Game Features
▶ Squad Combat
Troops and heroes combine
Freely combine Three Kingdoms generals with different troop types – warriors, shooters, advisors and more. Use varied tactics to crush the enemy!

▶ Real-time Strategy
Dynamic troop placement
Respond to the changing situation on the battlefield with dynamic troop placement. Rush, encircle, intercept, pick off from afar – there are countless strategies at your disposal.

▶ Heroes of the Three Kingdoms
Famous generals with powerful moves
Upgrade historic heroes to the peak of their abilities. Wait for the right moment and unleash their legendary powers to turn the tide of battle or assassinate a powerful foe.

▶ City Warfare
Tactical PVP
Establish colonies and invade those of other players. Gather up your strongest warriors and prepare to blow away anyone who stands in your way.

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