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The kingdom of Asgard is now threatened by the dark elves under Malekith’s command. Stop them and use your powerful Mjolnir to fight them here in Thor: The Dark World – an action-packed 3D mobile game from the Marvel movie. You will need to control your character Thor in each area and defeat the enemies to complete the objectives. There are also other objectives in the game that should complete to gain perfect ratings. Summon fighters to aid you in battle against the frost giants, dark elves, and even Loki. Unlock hammers and armors for Thor as well and summon Eiherjar from the movie itself.

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Thor: TDW – The Official Game is an action packed adventure game that has you playing as the god of thunder himself, Thor, it is said that Melekith, the lord of the dark elves and the enemy of the asgardians since time long forgotten is back, and this time he is leading a revolt not just against Asgard, but throughout the 9 worlds, and Thor being the mightiest hero of the asgardians must race against time to save the universe before it’s too late, you need to take control of the thunder god and literally hack and slash your way the enemy ranks, it will not be an easy battle as the enemies are very powerful and seemingly endless in number but it will be worth the effort, the game features some asgardian legends for you to recruit and train to fight alongside you like the Warriors Three, Heimdall, Sif and many more, you can also summon up to 7 types of Einherjar, they are valiant warriors of Asgard to help you decimate the enemies, and if still that ain’t enough to defeat the enemies, you can upgrade your allies skills and make them more powerful against the deadly and diabolical enemies, they can acquire healing and teleportation skills among other things that will surely help you out in the battlefield, so come on, grab your hammer and let’s do some hammer smashing action in the dark world.

Graphics and Sound

The game features some stunning visuals for you to behold, the character designs are great, there is really some very high details making the heroes and even the enemies in the game look really awesome, the environments are great too, all the different locations presented in the game look truly unique, you’re going to see a lot of asgardian architecture throughout, the colors are also great the varying environments look rather dark due to the setting of the game but everything still looked pretty clear as the color schemes used blends well with each other, movements and animation are also cool, the character movements are generally smooth and responsive while the animation of the non playable characters are great, music is also quite cool, somewhat engaging and certainly makes the game more exciting while the sound effect is quite cool too, there are lots of battle sounds that resonates during gameplay, they come from weapon fire and the different battle skills being used, special effects on the other hand are truly stunning, quite flashy actually due to the dark environments, overall, everything looked really great, character designs are awesome and presentations are superb.


Gameplay is hack and slash, and as such, you will be battling a variety of enemies here, they come in numbers too, but don’t worry as there are a lot of allies that you can summon, they can even be upgraded to make them more powerful and effective on the battlefield, controls are also quite simple and easy to use, all it takes are taps to play the game to the end.


Thor: TDW – The Official Game features some stunning graphics, the character designs are truly awesome, there are a lot of weapons and armor available for you to use, a lot of skills and upgrades and a lot of enemies to do battle with, it also has very easy to use controls to make it more fun to play.


I enjoyed the game a lot, it is quite a challenge but once you get the cooler items and the more powerful skills, the game becomes really fun to play, check it out.


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