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A moving story about the diversity and prejudice, about the values of friendship and respect.

In simple language it describes the respect for diversity and the value of friendship, a unique tale written for children and their parents by Danilo Giovanelli and translated into eleven languages.

A unique fairy tale, combining the voice of a narrator with an animated, interactive book.

Now you have to help the main characters find their lost objects. Help using your torch to look even in the darkest corners. Then you can join the party in the wood, creating a real music band, getting all the characters in the story to play, sing and dance together.

And when evening comes, you can put all the animals to bed, but take care to find the right den so that they will fall asleep!

A host of activities, all waiting to be discovered.

A fussy goose that acts like a diva, a sailor duckling and an elegant fawn with an earring … these are just a few of the wonderful characters who will accompany your journey through the story.

Let your children take the platypus on a walk through the woods and discover all of the animations in the amazing scenes!

• An original, all-new story for kids
• Scenery and characters filled with delightful detail
• Find the objects in the wood with the help of your torch
• Put the animals to bed and help them fall asleep
• Create a music band, and get everyone to sing, play and dance
• Animated story mode
• Filled with fun animations and entertaining sounds
• Designed for kids
• Narration and text in eleven languages
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV

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