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The Ocean by PT. GIT SOLUTION (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Game The Ocean is a mobile game with genre-themed arcade marine world. Game The Ocean is a educational game for knowledge of marine fish especially good knowledge of the fish that live in the sea water or the fish that live in fresh water.
Player can determine the types of fish through feature encyclopedia available in the main menu. In the encyclopedia player can get to know the names of the fish along with descriptions of fish from a fish selected. In addition to the features found on the ocean, the choice of game characters can choose to play by a player.
Game mechanics that made not too difficult that the main controller is tap the screen. In this game the player must collect points in the form of stars and coins in the form of gems as much as possible and avoid obstacles that players are not affected by these obstacles.
Obstacles in this game in the form in which the fish passing on the degree of difficulty has been designed in such a way in accordance with the level design. Besides fish, there are also crocodiles and sea ghosts as obstacles.
In addition to the obstacles in the game there are items that can be obtained by the player. There are three items displayed random namely neptun item, item shield, and gift items box. Neptun item is an item to bring up a gem of a coin where the player must take as much as possible quickly, accompanied by the king of the sea so that the player character gets protection from the sea king and immune to the obstacles that arise. Item Shield to protect the character of the player of the obstacles that arise. Item gift box to give bonuses in the form of jewels or stars are lined up to be picked up by a character player.

Latara rear of the background in the game is divided into four ocean background ocean depths brdasarkan zone types, namely:
– Littoral zone (Region Tidal)
– Zona neritik (Shallow seas)
– Bathial Zone (Deep Sea)
– Abyssal zone (highly Sea Within)

Require internet connection : no
Size : 45 mb

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