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Avenge the death of the poor princess and embark on a grand adventure. The East New World is a nice arcade styled mobile game featuring cool action and RPG elements. The mission here is to guide your hero on the lands and finish each level on different world. Control him on the platforms and slash down the monsters you will encounter. Your character has the ability to cast fireballs. If your hero levels up, you will be able to unlock new skills. This mobile game also features weapons that and other items that you can collect by purchasing them using the gold coins you’ve earned.

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East New World is a retro inspired action packed adventure game and presented in beautifully crafted pixel art, the story goes that a very long time ago, The Warrior Kingdom was once a haven for the brave but after the king sold his country’s soul to The Evil Space, the brave citizens turned into ruthless killers and assassins, Buta is one such warrior, but his wife refused to do what was asked of her and as a punishment, was sentenced to die, Buta was stricken with grief and sorrow and is now seeking revenge, this is where you come in and this is where the adventure begins, you need to explore the kingdom and battle enemies on different fronts totaling 81 challenging and exciting levels in all, of which 9 will feature boss battles to test your skills, no worries as there are 20 unique and powerful weapons that you can use against the enemies, each one having their own attacks and skills that you can use, not to mention the 20 available costumes that not only makes your character cooler but gains a nice ability as well, the game also features 30 relics that you can equip giving you an added boost in battle, and 4 secret locations that will reward you with special items, indeed, there’s quite a lot to do here, so come on and join this exciting and marvelous adventure, traverse through the levels and watch the story unfold right before your eyes here in East New World.

Graphics and Sounds

East New World features retro styled graphic presentations, everything you’ll see in the game is in pixel art, designs are beautiful though and quite intricate, especially the character designs, they really look quite cool, environments are also very nice, there are a lot of beautiful structures, beautiful foregrounds and pretty backdrops, the colors are also great, the game is bursting with lush and lively colors that are really nice to look at, the game’s animations are also quite smooth, the characters and the other moving parts in the game have nice animations, music and sounds are great, the game’s soundtrack is beautiful and the sound effects are quite varied and exciting making the battles quite intense, special effects are nice too, although the game is retro styled and have pixel arts, it still managed to look great, overall, the game is really pretty, especially on the design department, looks like much work and effort was put into it.


East New World is an adventure game with elements of rpg, and as with many games of this genre, you need to develop your character here, equipping him with a variety of weaponry, costumes, artifact and many more, there are also a lot of NPCs in the game, you can get to them to buy equipment, items, supplies and many more to help you out in your adventure, they can even give you hints and clues on the game’s storyline and many more, winning battles will grant your character with experience points that you can use to level up, the faster you level up, the faster you become stronger, the game features customizeable touch controls by the way, and can also be played using a gamepad.


East New World has beautifully designed retro graphics, an rpg styled action adventure, there are 81 levels available and a lot of enemies to battle.


East New World is quite a nice adventure, I had a great time playing this one, I spent so much time making my character stronger, and it was worth it, if you like retro inspired adventure games, you should check this one out.


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