The Defender (Battle of Demons) (by TopsLiked Ltd.)

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In ancient times, the kingdom ruled in the land of Pars. In the vicinity of the land of Pars, the land of the Divan was invaded and looted. The great king defeated them in a battle with the court and expelled them into a secret land in the partisan, and reduced the evil of the tribunal from his people. The demons have sworn that they will take revenge for this defeat forever. Years passed, and the court found a gateway and, with magic power, managed to find human beings after crossing the outer gate. Now the gate has been opened, but this time it was necessary to go to war on the other side of the gate and before the change of the court, and defeated them before passing through the gate.

Now we need a hero that crosses the gate and prevents the court from going to the gate.

Defender (Battle of Demons) is a shooting game in the style of Shoot them up. We tried to play high graphics quality. Weapons and accessories are designed in a game that their use in front of a huge number of enemies can bring you an experience of a fascinating and quality game and engage you for a long time.


3D attractive graphics and customizable graphics for different phones

Fluid, fast, engaging and exciting gameplay

Diverse and attractive guns and equipment

Various enemies

Beautiful and simple interface

Very beautiful sound and video effects

Compete with other players in the Scoreboard

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