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T.H.A.A.D. 2
Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense
If you loved the arcade game Missile Command, then I hope you’ll like THAAD. Protect your city from waves of enemy missiles dropping from the sky.

Tap on the screen ahead of incoming missiles and save your city. Shoot down the flashing satellites for bonuses.

There are two game modes to challenge you, Arcade and Survival.

Arcade mode is similar to the original game. Stop waves of faster, smarter missiles. Watch your ammo supply! You only have a limited amount to get through the game. How many levels can you complete?

Survival mode is one continuous wave of ever increasing missiles. Luckily you have an unlimited supply of ammo. Just pound away and get your frustration out. No matter how many missiles you fire, they enemy somehow sneaks through. How long do you think you can last?

Simple to get into, difficult to complete.

A mix of beautiful rendered graphics and hand drawn images.
OpenGl accelerated graphics. Beautiful musical score.

This is a free, ad supported game. If there is interest, I will release a paid for, non ad supported version as well.

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