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Of all the Zebras that ever was, only Abra was ever named the chosen one – the one Zebra that would one day heroically save all of Zebra-kind. Some say he was chosen only because the Shaman was impressed by this party trick he used to do where he would disappear into thin air and then reappear, but now all the food would have disappeared forever. He was Abraca Zebra – the chosen one.
In High-School he was voted ‘Most likely to run for office’, but thanks to being quite spherical he eventually ended up rolling to office whenever he was late and tried to run.
All was fine and dandy till one bright morning, out of the blue, he got snatched up by the poachers. The chosen one had disappeared forever. And that, my dear friend, is how his story ends.
Or is it?
Join Abraca Zebra on his epic adventure as he escapes from the poachers’ van and eventually rescues himself and his buddies. The retribution will be hard, unmerciful and would require animals to fly – but that’s okay, it’s a game and we can do stuff like that.
• Fly across the void from cliff to cliff
• Collect cookies to free your friends (or just eat them, who cares)
• Journey across different worlds! (Remember to send a postcard to mom)
• Contribute to animal flight research! (All proceeds and some cookies go to National Association for Zebra Aviation – NAZA)
Ready to fly? Hit it.

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