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Tail Drift Game (Android & iOS) Free

Dash through the air using those wings in this cool racing game set in the skies. Take flight with your airplane and race for championship here in Tail Drift. Select any of the available airplanes you have and then compete in each level for in a race for speed. Your main focus here is to control your airplane and make sure it doesn’t crash on the ground or any other obstacles. There are also dash pads and item that can help you speed up to take the lead. Collect the coins as well scattered on the race track to help you unlock new planes with better stats.

Android – https://goo.gl/3jt3aV
iOS – https://goo.gl/qufzds


Tail Drift is a fast paced and exciting air racing game that has you piloting fast planes across beautifully designed race tracks in different locations, you can jump into your plane and fly through challenging tracks against the fastest airplane racers in the world, you can even compete against your friends all over the world to take the top spot and dominate the leaderboards, it’s going to be a tough race but it’s going to be fun, there are 3 tours available in the game that features a total of 27 challenging events that you can compete in and 7 beautifully designed tracks built for speed freaks, you can play the game in 3 event types, they are the classic race, the time trial, and the time extension, the game also features 8 unique and specially designed planes that you can fly, each one of them can be upgraded to give you the advantage over your opponents like acceleration, boost, handling and the overall top speed, and if that still ain’t enough, there are 4 game changing powerups available for you to use against your opponents like stun cannons, coin magnets, turbo boosts and even deadly mines to get your opponents off the tracks, so come on and join the race, hop into your plane and get ready to race here in Tail Drift.

Graphics and Sound

Tail Drift has stunning graphics and visuals, from the planes to the environments, the game really looks awesome, the planes look great in this game, not very realistic but really nice and quite unique, you’ll love the designs for sure, the environments are great too, each location you’ll encounter features unique designs and quite different from the others, colors are great, they are lush and vivid, and the game is just bursting with different colors, animations are also cool, every moving part is animated properly and quite smooth too making the game really fun to play, music and sounds are great and certainly adds up to the fun factor when playing the game, special effects although nothing fancy looks quite fabulous, overall, the game is really pretty visually, it has very nice colors and really nice to look at.


Tail Drift is a fast paced airplane racing game, the races have three laps each and can be finished quickly, there are also checkpoints in the game and you need to pass through these points as you race around the tracks, on the tracks, there is a tube you need to follow and wondering off the tubes will cost you the race, the laps may be short but they are really fast, the game is not all racing though and there are combat racing elements featured in it as you can use some weapons to gain the upper hand in the game, controls are fairly easy here, there are left and right arrows located on each side of the screen, you just need to press the right arrow to go right and press the left arrow to go left it’s that easy and simple.


Tail Drift features stunning graphics for you to enjoy and a fast paced race, there are 3 tours with a total of 27 events for you to partake in, with 7 beautifully designed tracks for you to race on, there are also a total of 8 unique planes for you to use with their own unique upgrades and 3 event types for you to enjoy.


Tail Drift is really fun, I enjoyed every moment of it, it is also easy to play as the control scheme is really simple, check it out if you haven’t played it yet.


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Free Tail Drift Game (Android & iOS)

Tail Drift Game (Android & iOS) Android

Tail Drift Game (Android & iOS) iOS