T.D.Z. Robots Story – the Soviet Apocalypse

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This game supports English language!
Continuation of the acclaimed game about the adventure of two survivors!Giant steel machines have established power over the Exclusion Zone!
The last Stalker Raven perished in radiation, leaving the only hope for salvation…In the form of his invention.
Little flying robot goes on a long journey to:
+ Learn all the secrets of what is happening
+To compete in a world of hostile creatures
+ Avoid dangerous traps
+ Solve difficult tasks in the search for items
Feature of game:
A game that contains a mixture of different genres. An adventure game with elements of quest, platforming and a splash of horror.
A story that will drag you from the first seconds. Narration for commercials, monologues and dialogues of the characters make the gameplay’s a very interesting.
The Soviet era on every meter in beautiful 3d graphics will not let you get bored.This project is executed with love and soul to the business by small indie Studio with huge potential.
Immerse yourself in the history of robots anywhere without access to the Internet, playing in a single company.
This project is an addon to our last game T. D. Z. 2 Dead Zone.

Download T.D.Z. Robots Story – the Soviet Apocalypse for free

Free downloadT.D.Z. Robots Story – the Soviet Apocalypse : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TeamGZ.TDZRobot