Survival Island: Evolve Pro! (by Pride games Studio)

Download Survival Island: Evolve Pro! (by Pride games Studio) for Android…

You do not remember how you got on this island. Anyway, you are trapped in the wilderness now, and surviving in it will not be easy. First you need to find food, do some simple tools and build a shelter. You will do it? Your fight for survival will start soon …

Game info:
* Build your home from scratch!
* Benefit from an extensive system of object creation and a multitude of recipes!
* Discover the fauna of the island!
* Battle simulator for island survival in a sandbox style.

★ Start by cutting down the tree in the forest. Wood will be needed for construction.
★ Prepare armor and weapons to fight wild animals.
★ Do not starve: to eat, collect all available resources.
★ Create all necessary items.
★ Take care of your health, otherwise you will not survive …

If you like survival games, try Survival Island: Evolve – that’s exactly what you are looking for. Start your adventure right now!
*WARNING. Online multiplayer is still under development and will soon be available. Watch our news channel to find out when you can play with your friends!

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