Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS)

Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS) Game Apps Free Download

Download Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS)

Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS) Free

The greatest spaceman is here to challenge all the obstacles. Join him in his adventure in this mobile game known as Super Mustache. You must control your pixel-art character on the platforms and find the exit. But before you can enter this exit, you must find the golden key somewhere on the platforms. Super Mustache is equipped with a gun that you can use to attack the aliens. You can also eliminate the aliens by jumping on top of them. The gun you will use has a limited amount of amount. Bump the blocks so you can get coins and extra ammunition.

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Super Moustache is an arcade type platform game that has you taking on the role of a hero by the name of Captain Super Moustache, the story goes that the human civilization and technology has reached its peak and we sent a highly intelligent robot by the name of Gladius to explore the planet Uranus and its moons, but instead of exploring the planet, the super smart robot took over the planet and put up its own kingdom, the inhabitants revolted and sought to battle Gladius but they are not strong enough and Gladius is much too powerful for them, this is where you come in, you will take on the role of Captain Super Moustache and try to help the inhabitants of Uranus by defeating the super smart Gladius, it’s going to be a tough fight battling Gladius as it is really powerful and well equipped…not to mention it’s super intelligent, fortunately,Super Moustache is quite skilled in combat, you can easily use his jump ability to smash and eliminate the enemies and a couple of super powered guns to obliterate them for good, be careful though as there are a lot of traps scattered all throughout the levels, not to mention the obstacles and the dreaded bosses you’ll need to contend to as you progress through the game, so are you up to the challenge?, check it out, play the game, defeat the evil Gladius and save the planet Uranus.

Graphics and Sound

Super Moustache has a classic retro arcade look reminiscent of those good old Super Mario days of the past, the game is presented in 8 bit 2D side scrolling platform with pixelated graphic designs from the characters all the way down to the environments, character designs are quite simple here but varied enough as not to tire you from playing it, environments on the other hand are also nice, unique from one location to another and truly classic in its looks, colors are great, they are vibrant and cool to look at,animations are also nice, although not as smooth as most games of today, but still understandable because of the classic style and looks of the game, music and sounds are definitely retro, you’ll hear chip tunes throughout the game, special effects are simple by the way, quite typical for this type of game.


Super Moustache is a side scrolling action packed adventure game that looks and plays just like Super Mario, you need to venture through the levels fighting enemies, evading obstacles and dodging traps throughout, you move the character left to right, jumping and double jumping in the air to evade traps and obstacles and also in eliminating the enemies, besides shooting them with a couple of powerful guns of course, the obstacles here are quite challenging, they are made up of spikes, gaps and even crumbling floors, they are my primary concern actually as there are few enemies throughout the levels, there are boss fights though, but not really as tough as they look.


Super Moustache feature retro styled graphics, sounds and even gameplay, it has cool pixelated arts presented in 8 bit and 2D, there are 3 worlds totaling 15 levels in all, there are also a lot of traps and obstacles in the game, some enemies and boss fights too, but most of all, it has simple and easy to use controls to make the experience more fun and memorable.


Super Moustache is truly a blast from the past, not just in looks but also in gameplay, I remember the days when I was addicted to Super Mario,if you dig retro arcade games, you should definitely check this one out if you haven’t played it yet.


Download Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS)

Free Super Mustache – Game walkthrough (full) (Android & iOS)