Super Heroes Knife Battle Avengers Knife Battle

Super Heroes Knife Battle Avengers Knife Battle

Are you board with regular Super Hero games?? We are presenting you an amazing blend of superhero games and avengers theme with the knife battle game.
here is Another master piece for the lovers of superheroes and super villains battles .
Superheroes Knife Battle brings Exciting battles between super heroes and super villains like spider man vs venom ,iron man vs mandarin , captain america vs hydra ,
thor vs loki black panther vs golden jaguar and hulk vs thanos and we brings wide range of super hero knifes for hitting the super villains.

fell the excitment from the knife battles in this super heroes theme.Hit as many knifes to the super villain to destroy them to complete levels.beware of hitting another knife.

you can try different super heros and super villain knife battles by unlocking them with coins.

Like genuine Arcade knife games, it evolves and gives the player more fun and even more excitement with the added avengers Knifes and eyefeasting visuals.

Super Heroes Knife Battle Avengers Features

– Super Heroes knife Battles contains Battles like
Spiderman vs Venom
Hulk vs Thanos
IronMan Vs Mandarin
Captain america vs Hydra
Thor vs Loki
BlackPanther vs Goldenjaguar
– different type of knifes and Battles to choose.
– Glow, laser and neon graphics have shown even more details of the spinners
-compete on global leaderboards

How To Play Super Heroes Knife Battle Avengers

– Tap on the screen to hit the knife
– Hit the coin bag to get coins.
– beware of hitting another knife.
– destroy the super villain to complete stage.

more super heroes battles will be comming stay tuned.

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