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Every so often, someone comes along and changes the world. Einstein was one, and a few years ago, another astonishing boy was born. Right from the start, his parents knew this boy was special, his first word was ‘Three’, and he loved adding up. That genius boy is called Sums, and those early signs were just the beginning for our hero.

At one year old, when most children are learning to walk, Sums was already running around. Not only did he like numbers, Sums loved his mother’s earrings. Bright, sparkling jewels that he could not take his eyes off, they were the reason he was up and running, our Sums is a determined boy and he wanted those shiny jewels.

To a 1 year old, the whole world is a playground, and reaching those wonderful earrings, kept by the side of his mother’s bed became Sums’ first adventure. Climbing the stairs was like climbing Mount Everest, but he did it. Being quiet as he crept passed the sleeping family dog seemed impossible, but he did that too. Then he got to the room, climbed on the bed and reached his prize! Sums was a true adventurer, even then

Sums didn’t stop there, the amazing things he could do astonished his parents, at 2 years old he was already adding up, using building blocks to do his mathematics. At 5 years old Sums could do advanced mathematics and at 10 he graduated college. A true genius, Sums was not just the cleverest child in the world, he had developed a taste for puzzles and still had his fascination for shiny, sparkly jewels.

After college graduation, Sums went out into the world, and proved to everyone he was by far the greatest mathematician there is. Not only that, his puzzle solving skills became legendary, there was no puzzle that could beat Sums, he solved them all. Sums’ fame quickly spread, here was a boy who could solve any puzzle, answer any mathematical question, and soon scientists and archaeologists the world over began requesting Sums’ help.

From Ancient Egyptian Pyramids to the mystery of Stonehenge in England, Sums’ managed to solve the puzzles of our history, each time finding fantastic treasures as his reward. Now, Sum’s faces his greatest challenge in the mysterious Rain Forest Jungle, where he must solve the most difficult puzzles ever created to unlock the long-lost treasure of the Jungle Lords.

Join us on an adventure as Sums makes his way through a dangerous jungle of complex number puzzles. Overcome the challenges along the way, pick up the treasured gems as you go and prove that you are the best puzzle solver in the world!

Sums2Go is free to play but has some optional in-game purchases.

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● Easy addictive puzzle game! The idea of the game is simple, add up gems to reach your target number while overcoming challenges.

● Many ways to play: Get This Score, Collect Items, Collect Gems, Break Locks and are limited by a time or move restriction.

● Awsum levels that will surely have you thinking.

● Lots of specials gems.

● Lots of awsum boosters. Use them to increase your game play experience and clear your path to victory.

● Challenge your Facebook friends and post your scores to Facebook. Are you sum enough to beat their high scores?

● Achieve game milestones and get rewarded.

● Play your way through a fantastic world full of numbers inside the amazon.

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