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All of the evil forces have gathered on one train ride and you need to stop them. Choose your best agent and get ready to blast them all in this side-scrolling mobile game called Storm the Train. Move your character on the train’s platform and start shooting all the enemies you will see. Your mayhem gauge will raise up each time you eliminate any enemy. You can use the mayhem system to get helpful items. The game also features different agents that you can unlock. These agents have different skills and abilities that will affect the way you play each mission.

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Storm The Train is a fun and challenging action packed side scrolling shooter where you need to take on a character and battle hordes of ninjas, robots, the undead and even big badass bosses, you will be fighting the baddies on top of a moving train and will start the game with all guns’s going to be a shoot fest indeed, the game offers 12 playable characters for you to unlock, each one of them having their own set of weaponry, abilities and skills, and even upgrades, you can equip up to 2 characters actually, and can switch between them anytime during the battles, the game also features a lot of gears for you to collect, there are tons of weapons, drones and even high tech gadgetry that you can use against the hordes of enemies coming at you, they cost a lot of coins though, better collect everything there is so you can buy the cooler weapons and upgrades much faster, those stolen blueprints are also very important, you need to recover them all to upgrade your arsenal and wield even cooler and more destructive weaponry, do you have enough firepower to fend off against the marauding enemies?, do you have enough guts to face off against the big badass bosses? check out Storm The Train and find out for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

Storm The Train has some beautiful graphic designs in it, the characters look kiddie…as in literally, they really look like cute children wielding guns and other weapons, they look quite cool though, the environment that is features also look great, the trains that you will be fighting on looks varied by designs, even the backdrops seem pretty enough, the game’s colors are great too, it has very nice color combinations and they really look lush and vivid, making the game quite pretty to look at, the animations used are also very nice, everything is smooth from the main characters to the enemies and other moving parts of the game…and certainly adds up to the excitement while playing it, the game’s soundtrack is also very nice, quite engaging actually and very nice to listen to, while the sound effects are bombastic, you’ll hear a lot of combat explosions and weapon fire during the course of the battle, special effects are stunning too, made flashier by the rather dark backdrops the game has, overall, the cute designs and cool presentations were enough to make the game really beautiful.


Storm The Train is a frantic shooter, once the game starts, you will be engaged in a shoot fest against the variety of baddies that you need to eliminate, no worries though as you can use a couple of characters during the battles, you can switch between them anytime, even in the heat of the gun fight, I find this very helpful, I usually switch between my characters when they get low on health, controlling the characters is quite easy too, there are left and right virtual arrows on the left side to control movement and on the right is the jump and shoot button.


Storm The Train has some pretty graphics and cute designs, there are 12 characters available for you to choose in the game where 2 can be used at any given time, there are hordes of enemies you need to kill, a lot of cool and powerful weapons, powerups and even upgrades that you can buy, and the game has easy controls for maximum fun.


Storm The Train gave me a great time and a nice challenge, it really gets quite frantic when the game starts, check it out, this is fun.


Download Storm the Train Game (Android & iOS)

Free Storm the Train Game (Android & iOS)