Still Alive : Survival PvP (by Funter)

Download Still Alive : Survival PvP (by Funter) for Android…

Experience the action-packed survival matches of Battle Royale.

■ Survival means Victory!
5 players stake their lives in one epic Battle.
Your only hope is to believe in yourself!
Defeat all your competitors and become the survivor!

■ Heroes with unique personalities
A stealthy Assassin
An Intelligent Battle Tactician
A Lunatic that sets everything on fire
Find the hero who will lead you to victory and enter the battle.

■ A wide selection of Equipment
Bow, Taser Gun, Flamethrower, Drone , Active Ghost Suit, etc.
A variety of Equipment for creating different survival strategies.
Strengthen your Crafts with parts.

■ Tough competition. League battles!
Compete with players worldwide in the seasonal Leagues.