Stickman Star Warriors 7 Online Part 2 (by saapart)

Download Stickman Star Warriors 7 Online Part 2 (by saapart) for Android…

Meet the continuation of the already legendary game!

Stickman Warriors 7 – this is even more cruel and bloody war of the Stickman in a distant galaxy!


From the usual field, the battle will be carried into space. Fight with stellar ninja sticks among many planets and stars. Do your favorite tricks in a lot of galaxies. Win the main title Master Stick!


Enough to fight your earthly weapon. For a unique space adventure, you need something special. Grab your laser blaster! We have prepared a weapon worthy of the Master. Enemies will be defeated. Become the best in this exciting game with ragdoll physics. Battles of the stickman will become more bloody if you choose Mega Sword!


Being ordinary is boring, and new skins will help you express your individuality! Now you can become a cosmic android, Master Stick, Frankish, the legendary evil Freddie. A huge number of skins for your character in an exciting fighting game!


We’ve added many new levels for your fun. Discover the boundless world of the cosmos, lasers, super bosses and dynamite explosions.
Participate in the intergalactic battle of sticks, open all 50 levels and get useful bonuses.

Fight one against all! The outcome of the cosmic battle depends only on you!

★ Hardcore gameplay
★ Space Arena
★ Realistic physics
★ Stick Wars