Stickman Shadow Warrior 2018 (by Oonezero)

Download Stickman Shadow Warrior 2018 (by Oonezero) for Android…

The wait is over. The most challenging WAR game is just a click away. Different groups of soldiers with powerful tanks are waiting for their captain. Be a commando and jump into this combat.
This is a battle between stickman and craft army. Choose your force to attack. Variety of armed force i.e., Soldier, Tank, Hero and Boss have different combat skills. Arrange your warriors in the battleground appropriately to win this challenging clash.
Stickman Shadow Warrior 2018 is an amazing simulating game. Keep an eye on your opponents force then choose yours accordingly. Your rivals have variety of troops and warriors. Upgrade your force to get more powerful military.
In its online mode you will get a chance to fight with your online opponent. Its multiplayer feature will give you hours to happiness and fun.

• Addictive Missions!
• Wonderful Combat Environment!
• Great 3D Visuals!
• Realistic Explosive Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Commanding Troops and Soldiers!