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PLAYTOUCH eager to show off their new games: Stickman School Run. Feel as if you went back to school and be in control of a little man who tries to escape from his homework and save his girlfriend. Come and test your skills in this race with obstacles!

Stickman School Run Tozabawna game for the whole family! Only recommended for … everyone!

– 100 levels
– 300 stars to collect
– Best result
– Tap the screen to jump or crouch

The dream of a little boy Stickman School Run tries to escape his homework. While jumping from drawing to drawing, evading scissors thrown at him, trying to save his girlfriend. Your task is to guide it to the end of each level. You have to jump from platform without falling into the trap, but you can also avoid the difficulties that come to you.

Stickman School Run Jestewoluuje game whose difficulty increases exponentially. After a few initial levels, you will face a number of obstacles that will become harder and longer to go.

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