Stickman Prison Escape Story (by Black Cell Studio)

Download Stickman Prison Escape Story (by Black Cell Studio) for Android…

Download and enjoy another stickman simulator and play as a mastermind criminal and break the prison. Play the amazing and latest Stickman Prison Escape Story now and enjoy manipulating guard and prisoners into breaking the most notorious and heavily guarded prison.
This stickman version the stickman prison escapes story focus on the story of a lone criminal mastermind who was caught after killing a cop with car accidently. He has been in the prison for years and knows the move and routing of every guard and concerned convicts. He has an escape plan and he needs your help in accomplishing this escape plan. Break the most famous and guarded prison of the year followed by an amazing storyline only in stickman prison escape story.
In the stickman prison escape story you have to beat your cellmate on purpose so that the police guard will come in to stop you. Leave the cell immediately and steal the rod of senior guard. Now use the rod to break the lock of the outer cell wall and kill all police guards that come in your way. Collect some cash from room. Using the hammer from labor room break the wall of the cell, the police have caught you in action; they will collect all your weapons now you have to kill your cellmate and all the policemen that come to stop you. Kill your cellmate and collect the steel rod again to break the lock of your cell door. Collect hammer from that room and break the wall again and act fast. Only dangerous prisoners are there so there is no door at this cell you have to break the wall using your hammer. You have to kill that crazy prisoner and then break the wall of his room to proceed to the next level. You have to fight yourself through these difficulties and then you have to make a run for the wall and climb the prison wall to escape from the prison. There will be many policemen chasing you at that time. You have to run faster, dodge the policemen and quickly climb the wall and make your escape.
This is the most amazing and fantastic stickman prison break simulator. Make a plan, execute it, act fast and kill anyone who gets in-between you and your freedom. Play now the groundbreaking stickman prison escape story.