Stickman Criminals Transport Plane (by Gamerz Studio Inc.)

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The best Stickman criminals transport game is here to give you the real hybrid experience of transport flight simulator and police bus criminal transport games. Enjoy this police airplane transport game and take stickman gangster mafia criminals in a transport plane or prison transport police van from one jail to another. Get ready to take charge of jail criminals and carry out a safe prisoner transport in the best transportation simulator game.

This is close to army criminals transport games. But this police airplane transport simulator story connects to the stickman criminal games’ history when the stickman crime rate had exceeded the in the area and city police was successful to lock the notorious criminals up. The gangsters then devised a stickman prison escape plan which by police efficiency, got deferred. The jail criminals are now to be taken to a high security jail in a police bus or high security transport plane. Where you, play the role of crime transporter to successfully carry out the prison transport mission in this best of criminal transport games.

Like the army criminals transport games that you have played, this transport simulator involves you to have the responsible pilot duty & transport the stickman gangster to their destinations. Play exciting missions to plan safe routes and take out a successful prisoner transport duty. Being a crime transporter is no piece of cake; You have to be careful! The stickman crime mafia is dangerous and is likely to attack you at any given opportunity for trying to make a stickman prison escape again.

After the stickman criminal games, this transportation simulator is full of exciting and challenging missions. Drive the police van to the station where the criminals are waiting for you. As you level up, you have to carry out the pilot duty to fly the criminals away to the high security destination jail, in this transport flight simulator.

To enjoy the rush and excitement of dangerous jail criminals transportation, download this game Now!

Features of Stickman Criminals Transport Plane:

• Best Stickman Gangster Transport Game Of 2017.
• A Hybrid Of Transport Flight Simulator And Offroad Police Bus Simulator.
• High End Controls Of Police Transport Plane And Police Van.
• 3D Graphics Of Stickman Criminal Game.
• Exciting And Thrilling Missions To Fulfil.